The creative & Effective Agency. We are an independent advertising agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria


The Creative &

We are an independent advertising agency
based in Sofia, Bulgaria


We are a close team of advertising professionals devoted to a single mission - to achieve better results.

We create, develop, implement and analyze marketing and promotional campaigns that stand out.

We believe in the power of good ideas which will inspire a greater cause.

Integrated Marketing

The core strength in any creative problem-solving is the integrated approach. From the idea generation and extensive research right to achieving the best results, we comprehensively tackle every challenge to deliver upmost effectiveness.

Online & Social

Only socially-oriented campaigns are what we consider truly effective. Our passion is finding the real social cause and focusing on the promises and incentives that matter to the consumers so to easily unite them around the brand or business.

Ambient & Viral

Dare to meet our fun side with our unconventional communication strategies. But don't get entertained too easily - what we create is a combination of long research hours, simply effective solutions and seamlessly perfect executions.



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Check some of our recent campaigns:

HELL Energy PR Campaign

Client: HELL Energy Drink
Date: March, 2018 - June, 2018
Task: To co-create and implement the PR strategy in Bulgaria introducing their biggest endorser to date – Bruce Willis.
Idea: One Bruce, One HELL Energy.
Description: We divided the campaign in 4 stages. See how in the case study.
Effectiveness: 60+ publications, 1,2 million impressions; AVE value: 40,000 €, 100,000 + organic video views. UX/UI Design

Client: Haemimont AD
Date: June, 2018
Task: To create UX flow and UI design for, a Sync & Share cloud service.
Idea: A flow & feel, lighter than a cloud.
Description: We modified the existing user flow which wasn't intuitive enough for such service and extensive usage. Through step-by-step optimization we managed to introduce a more convenient and user-orientated design, which helps maximizing conversions as well as the ease of access for the users. Together with a smooth and simple UI design, we created a competitive end product for our client.

Ben10 Digital Campaign

Client: Turner / Cartoon Network
Date: February, 2018 – May, 2018
Task: To promote the new episodes of the legendary show “BEN 10” and the international online fan competition.
Description: We’ve provided 2-stage strategy campaign mixing various ad channels such as Facebook / Instagram (promo posts & video ads), Google Display Banners & YouTube pre-rolls, Mobile Network (banners & pre/mid-rolls). We reached the core target creating unique video content furtherly provided by famous gaming vloggers online. In additional we included national video campaign in the most popular Cinema halls.
Effectiveness: 5,000,000+ Impressions; 480,000+ Video Views; 34,500+ Ads clicks; Website competition: 22,820+ Unique visitors; 44,500+ Page views; 2nd place amongst CEE & BENELUX with 3400+ user entries.


Client: Tymbark / Tedi
Date: March 2018 - ongoing
Task: To uplift Tedi’s Facebook page communication and strengthen it’s community management.
Description: We decided to “get out of the box” with the main character and involve him in various everyday situations. Steadily creating Tedi wittier and more relevant, we are helping him get closer to the relevant audience and reaching higher sales targets.
Effectiveness: Ongoing


Client: Boliarka VT JSC
Date: March 2018 - ongoing
Task: To help build a consistent presence for the uplifted Boliarka in Facebook and across other online outlets.
Description: We started off with giving the 125-year-old beer brand an original tone of voice and well-deserved visual representation in line with its rebranding. With such combination, we are building a character into the brand, that resonates with its core target and gradually involves new ones.
Effectiveness: Ongoing


Client: Mylan / Neola Pharma
Date: May, 2017 – Dec, 2017
Task: Syplasyn is a worldwide market leader for symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis. Our task was to launch the new product in the Bulgarian market by creating a sustainable and cost-effective communication strategy.
Idea: With Syplasyn, you can grab the best from life.
Description: We developed a thorough communication plan for Suplasyn including creative concept and media strategy, implemented through a mix of marketing channels: website development, key visual development, social media strategy, online banners, Google Adwords, as well as print.
Effectiveness: 25,200+ website sessions; 20 150+ unique visitors; Google Adwords CTR: 7%+; CTR: 10.38%; 2,600,000+ Ad Impressions; Est.: ~1,000,000+ Total Reach.


Client: Turner / Cartoon Network
Date: October, 2017
Task: To communicate the launch of the newest show "OK K.O." with its online exciting world – online games and a special app.
Description: "OK K.O." is an action-comedy series about a small kid with a big heart. So we decided to introduce it to all the big hearts around Bulgaria through a digitally-oriented and highly targeted approach including social & mobile advertising, influencer marketing with gaming vloggers and special previews in cinemas across the country.
Effectiveness: Total Impressions: 5,225,000+; Total Clicks: 27,660+; Total Video Views: 450,000+; 2.21% CTR for mobile video Pre-Roll.


Client: Ideal Standart International NV
Date: August, 2017 – Ongoing
Task: To create compelling package design for more than 10 different product lines from Ideal Standard's product portfolio.
Description: With nearly 100 product packages to design and layout, we created distinctive product boxes for Ideal's top quality sanitary and kitchen equipment, keeping the core identity of Ideal throughout the various ranges. The end result is a beautifully crafted product packaging that draws the consumer attention and stands out through its embedded corporate values.

Teddy Kids CI & UI/UX

Client: Teddy Kids International Daycare
Date: July, 2017
Task: To propose and implement a refreshed Corporate Identity – logo uplift & website upgrade for the most reputable daycare organization in Leiden, The Netherlands.
Description: We’ve simplified the logotype and created a smooth, more user-friendly and brand-enhancing UI/UX design.


Client: Tuk-Tam / Back2Bg
Date: September, 2017
Task: To creatively support the campaign’s communication behind the biggest career forum for Bulgarians with experience abroad.
Idea: Watch the case study. (Click CC for Subtitles)
- Bronze "Creative Use of Existing Media" | FARA 2018

Veni & Co Anniversay Identity

Client: Veni & Co Ltd
Date: April-May, 2017
Task: To create an upgrade of the corporate identity for the 25th anniversary of the company.
Description: Incorporated from their machines, core skills with the notion of time-trust curve, we created an anniversary logo, crafted a new slogan, developed a short image video and altogether uplifted their presence on trade events. Click on image for video.

CABSY Corporate Identity

Client: Cabsy Industries & Trade Company
Date: March, 2017
Task: To create full corporate identity for a newly established organization.
Description: Cabsy is the first company in Bulgaria to offer a complete building systems solution, manufacturer of Network Infrastructure and Low Current Systems components. We visually embodied their mission and integration of services by creating logo, stationery and digital materials under their new brand umbrella: connectivity, integration, inclusiveness. Click on picture to see project in behance.


Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: January, 2017
Task: To promote the #POWFACTOR initiative and the new series of The Powerpuff Girls through a digitally-native campaign.
Idea: Find your own #POWFACTOR.
Description: #POWFACTOR is an initiative aimed at the little girls, which celebrates originality through the use of unique avatars. It helps kids all around the globe to find their “secret special ingredient” in line with the classic show The Powerpuff Girls. For the successful adaptation of the campaign in Bulgaria, we decided to partner with a celebrity, who already had her own very unique #POWFACTOR – NADIA. We then scripted, filmed and spread naturally online 3 branded videos, exploring the campaign’s core message and uniting the ever more digitally-savvy local kids in a socially-responsible campaign. Additional PR effort included sending personalized #POWFACTOR jumpers to pre-communicated journalists and relevant bloggers. Click on picture to see the first video.
Effectiveness: 312,200+ video views; 34,500+ clicks; 2,695,000+ impressions; 9 online articles; 2,300€ + earned media;

The Bear Selfie Machine

Client: Turner / Cartoon Network
Date: November, 2016
Task: To promote the new episodes of the We Bare Bears show.
Idea: The three awesome bears are arriving in Bulgaria again. Let’s make a selfie with them!
Description: We created an installation in Sofia’s center where everybody could make a selfie with the bears through a city light and download/scan instantly their picture.
Effectiveness: Estimated 144,000 brand awareness, 1050+ selfies made, 330 downloads; 100,000+ video views, 1600+ reactions.

WWF - #FishForward

Client: WWF - Bulgaria
Date: November, 2016
Task: To organize a 14-day exhibition of special WWF interactive installations, to create an event for the #FishForwardEU project as well as to produce an educational & promotional video from it.
Idea: Sustainable seafood for sustainable thought.
Description: We managed to secure partnership with BulgariaMall for the exhibition and organize a 300-guest event with a lead actor, hostesses, catering and DJ.
Effectiveness: 20,000 + visited the exhibition; 380 special “Fish Pocketbook 2.0” were handed out during event, 120 people involved for more than a minute; video still circulating the web and directing to

Genuine Autoparts

Client: Genuine Autoparts Ltd
Date: September, 2016
Task: To create a compelling corporate video which to promote the innovative products and services of Genuine Autoparts.
Description: We asssembled and shot a beautiful video which included animations, swift editting and drone shots. The video will be mainly used for corporate conferences around the world and to promote Genuine Autoparts through its partner network.

Ben 10 - The Real Hero

Client: Turner / Cartoon Network
Date: September-October, 2016
Task: To promote the all new series of the kids’ favorite show Ben 10 in Bulgaria, to attract new audiences (6-11) as well as to engage the fans into the uniqueness of the brand. Idea: Become a hero! Pick up the phone!
Description: We created a special hidden camera stunt in a shopping center by placing a randomly ringing telephone on a branded installation. When a kid picked up the phone, he could talk with real Ben and received instructions how to help him and become a hero. Kids had to follow green steps and at the end of mall to choose one of two doors – one leads to getting instant prize for themselves, named “Become a hero” and the other leads to giving the prize to children in need, named “Become an unique hero!”.
Effectiveness: Around 50 kids picked up the phone for 1 day and 40 of them chose to donate prizes to SOS Children Villages in Bulgaria; 300,000 video views from the target.

Ideal Standard - Packages Design

Client: Ideal Standard International NV
Date: October 2016
Task: To create package designs for the IdealStyle/IdealFeel product line.
Description: We created 6 beautifully crafted boxes for the international bathroom manufacturer for its partnership with Leroy Merlin Spain. All of them had to be fully compliant with the brands design guidelines and to represent the beautiful products of Ideal Standard.

CN Anti-Bullying 2016

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: September-October, 2016
Task: To create & implement the second CN Anti-Bullying campaign in Bulgaria
Idea: This year friendship was essential in the “Inform, Provide, Empower” key message, so we decided to involve kids in a beautiful achievement story, building from last year’s successful launch.
Description: We invited kids online and directly from their schools to a special interactive event, where they could go through all the various aspects of bullying together. Alongside the specially instructed CN ambassadors, VenZy and the partners from Animus Foundation they learned how to cope with it and to be friendlier with each other. The video of the event showed a true conversation about friendship between VenZy and one of the kids and got organically shared amongst kids and parents.
Effectiveness: 10 schools directly approached; 300+ kids and parents involved; Earned Media: ~2,000 Euro (Ongoing); 2,700,000+ Impressions; ~380,000 Video Views; 115,140 Organic Reach;

KFM Viber Stickers

Client: Karol-Fernandez Meat Ltd.
Date: September, 2016
Task: To create a product-infused Viber stickers for the 25-34 target of the premium sausage manufacturer.
Idea: KFM is about quality, traditions and taste. So we decided to create a light-humored variations of this values, embedding them in the products.
Description: The 26 Viber stickers called “Tastes for connoisseurs” resonated with the older target and deserved a notorious buzz in the social media.

Ultralux TVC 32''

Client: Boriana Group
Date: September, 2016
Task: To create an image TVC for the premium LED brand “UltraLux”.
Idea: UltraLux is the light, you can actually control.
Description: We trusted the production to our partners from Bubu Studio.

Couple Cake - Share & Unite

Client: Pobeda JSC
Date: June-August, 2016
Task: To create a launch strategy for the promotion of the new product “Couple Cake”.
Idea: Couple Cake is all about sharing. So we decided to create a romantic story between Ivan & Maria and invited the whole nation to get involved in their story.
Description: We produced and implemented an integrated BTL / Digital campaign called “Share & Unite”. For every click on the “Share” button on the branded microsite, visitors could move Ivan with 300 meters closer to Maria not only digitally, but physically as well, shifting the free Couple Cake promo stands in 9 cities across Bulgaria. Thus, for 4 weeks they helped him get to Maria, united the couple and got to taste the super sharable new product “Couple Cake”. Click on the picture for the official video.
Effectiveness: BTL: 13,000 + product degustation; 25,000+ one-to-one involved; Website: 21,400 + visitors, 3600+ shares on website; 0:40 m AVG time spent, 16.8% conversion rate; Online: 2,000,000 + impressions, 400,000 + video views from which 61,000 organic, 16,000+ engagements, 1.28% AVG CTR; PR: ~1500 Euro earned media.

The Powerpuff Girls

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: May, 2016
Task: To build a buzz around the arrival of new PowerPuff girls series.
Idea: The PowerPuff Girls are coming back!
Description: Watch the Case Study.


Client: BAGRI – family restaurant for local and seasonal food.
Date: July, 2016
Task: To create a low-budget communication, directing the target audience into the small family restaurant and its cause.
Idea: Pick our menu.
Description: We transformed a typical outdoor leaflet into a powerful platform for immersing the local audience into the local restaurant for local and season food. People could pick out a seed from the restaurant’s menu, understand its origin and even plant it in their house.

Mirabelle Ice Cream TVC

Client: Monster Factory Ltd. / Mirabelle IceCream
Date: July, 2016
Task: To create the first TVC for the brand.
Idea: Everything super tasty is in a jar.
Description: The famous Bulgarian rapper 100 Kila reminded the target audience of all the goodies that come in a jar, revealing the newest one. “Whaat?”

Corporate Identity - Thomas Edison

Client: Tomas Edison Private Elementary School
Date: June, 2016
Task: To create CI package for the new school – logo, business cards and website.
Idea:The new school manners, enlightens and educates for the generations to come.
Description: We created an identity, which will resonate with the brand’s values and school’s future.

Huggable City Lights

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: May, 2016
Task: To create a more stunning outdoor communication under the campaign’s umbrella "CN Friends in need are friends indeed."
Idea: A friend in need is a city light, indeed.
Description: We covered central city lights and bus stops in Sofia with fur, imitating the main show’s (We Bare Bears) characters, so that people can actually hug them.

Adventure Time Grafitti

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: March, 2016
Task: To create a powerful communication for the show “Adventure Time”, involving new audiences.
Idea: Kids are ever more looking down in their mobile phones. We decided to invite them to look up!
Description: We created a social graffiti on a central school in Sofia, which would permanently inspire kids and illustrate the main message “Always LOOK UP the ADVENTURE in your life!”, through the brand premise and the stunning visuals.

Blue Planet Corporate Video

Client: Blue Planet Europe | Investor: CEZ
Date: January 2016
Task: To produce a world-class video for the commissioning of the newest carbon-negative biomass power plant in Smolyan, Bulgaria.
Idea: The future of renewable energy is happening now.
Description: Under 3 weeks we scripted, filmed and produced the corporate video, which included drones and time-lapses.

GS1 Bulgaria

Client: GS1 Bulgaria
Date: December 2015 - February 2016
Task: To promote the GS1 Bulgaria services – the mobile app BG Barcode and the Product catalogue to the Bulgarian business and end consumers; to increase the uploaded products by member-organization, using this service.
Idea: A world without “google” or together with it?
Description: We offered GS1 Bulgaria - a board to the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - a digitally-orientated campaign, supported with strong PR activities. Given that the new service serves the society as “google” does, we asked ourselves if world without “google” is possible and if GS1 can actually add better value to the business and end consumers? Under this umbrella, we created an animated video tutorial (click on image to play), a special interactive microsite (, press releases for the media and business and unconventional direct marketing to the member companies of GS1 Bulgaria, so to capture their attention and achieved the desired results.
Effectiveness: 1,400,000 Brand impressions; 315,000 video views; 19,000 Organic reach; 2,206 App installs; 50 personalized gifts sent; PR publication sent to 3500 companies (15% open rate); ~3000€ earned media.

CN Timetable Machine

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: September 2015
Task: To promote the new season’s shows on CN under the umbrella "Awesome Autumn".
Idea: Awesome Autumn is truly awesome.
Description: We created the CN Timetable Machine. In the most visited subway station in Sofia, the branded installation allowed kids to take pictures of themselves with their favorite characters, printed them instantly and then special brand advocates handed out the personalized school timetables. Further we had a nation-wide outdoor campaign and digital campaign with 50% budget breakdown on mobile advertising.
Effectiveness: 3,700,000+ brand impressions, 13,834 website clicks, ~2500€ earned media.

Imagination Studios

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: September – November 2015
Task: To create a strong PR campaign around CN Imagination Studios – an interactive online platform for kids to create their own animations.
Idea: CN inspires creativity.
Description: The 360° campaign included a cross-media 8-week digital campaign, PR event and direct approach. For the PR we organized an “Imagination Studios Park” – a whole-day event in Sofia and invited famous Bulgarian animators from “Compote Collective” and “The Golden Apple” to share their skills on animation. Several journalists were sent a teddy bear, ready to be animated, as an invitation. For the direct approach [click on the picture for video] we painted school’s walls with a magic paint, so that kids could express their creativity every day. Videos from campaigns were produced and popularized in the social networks with a focus on mobile channels.
Effectiveness: 3,850,000+ brand impressions; 14,019 website clicks; 17,739 video views; ~900 Event visitors; ~2500€ earned media.

Transformify Digital Campaign

Client: Transformify
Date: October 2015
Task: Transformify, a CSR platform for remote virtual jobs, decided to open its blog to the public and called the campaign Blogger's Island. We had to create a concept, design and digital media strategy for online popularization of the blog to international markets such as India, Pakistan and others.
Idea: A mouse click away to transformify yourself.
Descrtipion: We found the most straightforward way to convey the message globally, communicating the main purpose of the platform as well.
Effectiveness: 2,700,000+ brand impressions; 41,433 website clicks; 940,000+ people reached.

Point S Radio Spot

Client: Point S Bulgaria
Date: October 2015
Task: To create a worthy radio ad with the popular voice of Nencho Balabanov.
Idea: This Point S radio ad is so good that it will win at the ad festival.
Effectiveness: TBA - September 2016

Queen's Juices Peach Mosaic

Client: Tymbark Bulgaria / Queen's
Date: September 2015
Task: To create the biggest peach mosaic in the world and organize the donation of 12000 peaches in Sofia.
Description: We delivered the 3.5 tons of peaches to the center of Sofia, arranged them in a record mosaic, invited the media and implemented the biggest donation event of its kind in 2015!
Effectiveness: National media coverage; 2000€+ Earned Media.

Al & Co Corporate Video

Client: Al & Co
Date: August 2015
Task: To create a corporate video for the 20th anniversary of the business.
Idea: 20 years Al & Co - the art of being a leader.
Description: We made a smooth corporate video with emotional elements, focusing on the employees and their stories.

Heli Waffles Nuns Flashmob

Client: BG Line 2014
Date: July 2015
Task: To create an unconventional communication for the mass public, derived from the previous commercials.
Idea: Which is your sweetest sin?
Description: We created a provocative flash mob in Sofia's metro, exposing the 9 different tastes of the brand. 9 nuns got on the subway on various stations and took off their nun attire simultaneously only to show that the wonderful tastes of Heli waffles are a sin for real.
Effectiveness: ~10,000 reach offline; 300 000 reach online, 92 840 video views (9 000 organic), online budget $140.

Adventure Time Ship & Island Adventure

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: July 2015
Task: "Adventure Time"
Idea: Summer is the time for some truly real adventures.
Description: We created the most epic adventure for Summer 2015 in Bulgaria, bringing hundreds of kids to a special island in the Black Sea.
Effectiveness: ~1000 kids experienced the most epic adventure for free, 307,000 video views (48,000 organic), 7.4 million brand impressions.

Cartoon Network Joking Billboard

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: April 2015
Task: To promote the new episodes of "The Amazing World of Gumball" and the Month of Laughter on CN.
Idea: Laugh with us. For real.
Description: We created an interactive outdoor installation, equipped with motion sensors and voice commands, which invited people to high five it, so to hear a joke from the hilarious blue cat.
Effectiveness: 4,000+ interacted, 254,000 involved, 700,000 brand impressions; 6.46% CTR on video; covered by AOTW, Coloribus; Advertolog.
- Finalist "Outdoor" | FARA 2016
- 3rd Place "Brave" | IAB Mixx Awards 2016 Materials

Client: Haemimont AD
Date: 2014 - 2015
Task: To produce various materials according to specific goals and events.
Idea: is fun & creative.
1. The "Super Oblak vs. The Servers" 8-page comics, created for a special corporate event, starring Petrov - the hard working IT guy, who solves his company's troubles and endeavors with the help of
2. "Skip The Expenses" Youtube Pre-Roll, used to draw people in to the competitive advantage of
3. "Be a Hero For Your Business" t-shirt, used as part of a gift set to specific target.
4. Special presentation, used from sales department.

Adventure Time Bus Branding

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: March 2015
Task: To promote widely the new episodes of "Adventure Time" with an outdoor, bringing new audiences.
Idea: Let's bring some color to the everyday lives of the public.
Description: We branded the buses with the longest lines in Sofia.

Dialgin Package Design

Client: Chemax Pharma
Brand: Dialgin
Date: February 2015
Task: To create a new and compelling package design for the product for the pharmaceuticals market.
Idea: Dialgin removes the pain in a single droplet.
Description: We created a rainbow within a droplet in a smoothing green package feel.

Cartoon Network Anti-Bullying

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: February - March 2015
Task: To create a PR campaign in Bulgaria for the CN Anti-bullying campaign, involving kids, parents and the media attention.
Idea: Inform, Empower, Provide
Description: We invited famous Bulgarian artist VenZy to join us and the local partner Animus in a schools' tour to give a first-hand advice on serious issues, reaching to kids from various backgrounds. By giving "bullying in Bulgaria" a more direct voice and recognizable face, we started the communication, empowering kids with all the needed info and advice how to tackle it.
Effectiveness: 1500+ kids reached directly, 250,000+ video views, 1.4 million brand impressions, 5,000€+ earned media, National TV coverage. YouTube Channel

Client: Haemimont AD
Date: June 2014 - Present
Task: To create a communication strategy for in Youtube, produce animated videos involving target audience and maintain the channel.
Idea: - the story behind.
Description: We created the world of through the power of storytelling. Divided in 4 major pillars according to its services, the Youtube channel provides simple, short and fun animated videos of a main hero, who overcomes various challenges in his company thanks to, revealing the benefits and advantages of the cloud service. Additional Youtube Pre-roll videos and case-studies also contributed to achieving the goals.
Effectiveness: Nearly 200 subscribers, 25,000+ views and counting; steady growth website traffic.

Cartoon Network Academy 2014

Client: Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network
Date: May - July 2014
Task: To promote Cartoon Network Academy in Bulgaria under the brand positioning umbrella "CN brings Brazil to Europe" and get kids involved.
Idea: Bring Brazil to Bulgaria!
Description: We created an Augmented Reality app, that allowed kids to see themselves playing right next to digital version of Luiz Gustavo. The CN Academy tour traveled across Bulgaria (before launching in Bucharest) and inspired kids to get involved and to have fun!
Effectiveness: 50+ hours of Augmented Reality interaction, 357 contestants, 25 000+ kids involved, 30,000 + website clicks, 54 000 000 brand impressions, 3000€+ earned media.

Pobeda National BTL Campaign

Client: Pobeda JSC
Date: 06.11.2014 - 30.12.2014
Task: To propose and implement a national BTL strategy for the launch of the new product Mini Biscuits "Zakuska".
Idea: Mini biscuits for maximum reach.
Description: We managed the logistics and implementation of a nationwide direct sales promotion that took place in 105 stores for 35 days in 5 cities. Every day 3 teams of 3 special brand advocates (2 promoters + 1 extra entertaining mascot) engaged the customers and offered a price incentive for purchase.
Effectiveness: One-to-One reach - 9,000+; Sales - 55% more than expected; Client: "Successful launch!"

Fludrex TV Commercial

Fludrex TV Commercial
Client: Chemax Pharma
Brand: Fludrex Hot Drink
Creative: gobox
Production: Bubu Studio
Broadcasting Network: Nova Broadcasting Group

Tom & Jerry National Campaign

Client: Turner Broadcasting System / Boomerang
Date: November 2014 - December 2014
Task: To promote the new episodes of "The Tom & Jerry Show" to all families across Bulgaria through the brand heritage.
Idea: Tom & Jerry are endlessly chasing again.
Description: Nationwide outdoor and 4-week-game, backed up by Youtube and Facebook advertising, informed and involved the families into the new episodes. Special interactive billboard was placed in the centre of Sofia attracting the general public with endlessly chasing figures of Tom & Jerry, installed onto the facility. However, soon after, the figures were stolen. Crisis PR: We informed the public that the favorite Tom & Jerry characters were stolen from the billboard and offered a prize for finding them. The “chase” spread swiftly across the social networks, creating organic viral effect, which we boosted additionally with online PR and radio tags to cover the whole nation. In the heat of the massive PR, anonymous person revealed the thief and donated his prize to SOS Children’s Villages.
Effectiveness: 240+ radio contestants; 4,500,000+ Brand Impressions; Rise in ratings.
Crisis PR Effectiveness: 7.3% CTR on Social Media posts; 250,000+ Reached; Earned Media - 1500€; Extensive word-of-mouth.

The Biggest Gift

Client: Turner Broadcasting System / Cartoon Network
Date: 06.12.2013 - 06.01.2014
Task: To create a PR/Online campaign, driving website traffic and user engagement, in the spirit of Christmas giving.
Idea: This year, the biggest gift is not to receive, but to give.
Description: We created "The Biggest Gift is To Give" - a national tour of a giant interactive present, which involved kids around Bulgaria to play online and to donate their toys for children without parents.
Effectiveness: 600 kids donated around 1600 toys; 9.67m Average Time Spent on Website; 700 000 People Reached; 50,000,000 Brand Impressions; Free Media Publications worth ~10,000€.

Dr. Fludrex

Client: Chemax Pharma
Date: 30.11.2013-01.12.2013
Task: To present Fludrex Hot Drink, cold & flu medicine, and its brand Dr. Fludrex in an original and entertaining manner during the first really cold winter days.
Idea: The flu is close to you, but Dr. Fludrex is even closer.
Description: We placed realistic mannequins equipped with motion sensors in key escalators in 3 of the biggest shopping malls in Sofia. They sneezed every time a person got on the escalators. At the top, the solution Dr. Fludrex greeted them and wished them well. We shot the reactions and promoted the prank video for the mass Bulgarian users in Facebook.
Effectiveness: ~14,000 experienced the soothing effect of Dr. Fludrex and thousands watched the video.

Active Hour

Pirin Spring Active Hour
Client: Pirin Spring Mineral Water
Date: 11.11.2013 - 30.11.2013
Task: To contribute to the marketing strategy of the Pirin Spring Active Bottle of 700 ml.
Idea: To create a first of its kind mass movement for staying active.
Description: Based on the brand premise and recent UK researchers' findings, we created Active Hour - one hour, during which everyone can practice his favorite sport. We invited the nation to a special website, where they could easily indicate if they will join the movement and share it to their friends.
Effectiveness: 800,000 People Reached, 33,000,000 Brand Impressions, 14,000+ Supporters on the Website, Free Media Publications worth ~15,000€.

Fill & Donate

Pirin Spring Water
Client: Pirin Spring Mineral Water
Date: 01.07.2013 - 03.08.2013
Task: To propose an original campaign for establishing the brand in Facebook.
Idea: Let's unite the people around a social cause with a real result.
Description: We created the "Fill & Donate" Facebook App for the brand. During the heat of the summer, every new fan added 100ml of water to an imaginary bottle of 1 ton. Only when the bottle is filled, Pirin Spring would donate its real fresh water to the thirsty people on the streets.
Effectiveness: 35,000 organic invites on the Facebook app and for less than a month 10,000 brand new and devoted fans donated 1000 liters of Pirin Spring water to more than 1300 strangers in Sofia.

Some of the clients we create effective solutions for:

Agricola Italiana Alimentare
Ал и Ко
Hell Energy Drink
Ideal Standard Internatinal NV
Karol-Fernandes Meat
Molochnoe Delo
Molson-Coors Brewing Corporation
Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Pobeda AD
Servier Pharmaceuticals
Tedi Juices / Maspex

Our clients for us:

""gobox has proven as a reliable partner in achieving the marketing & communication goals for our brands. They always generate fresh ideas and provide custom solutions that work. We are delighted to work with them and recommend to those who seek professional and trustworthy agency."

- Maria Vranovska MD, MBA
Neola Pharma Ltd.

"Gobox are full of great, creative ideas and boundless energy. They are a very hardworking, communicative, responsible agency and are very committed to projects. It's a genuine pleasure to work with them."

- Nicolette Erhlich, Marketing & PR Manager
Turner Broadcasting System Europe LTD

"The uncompromising professionalism of gobox in all of our projects with them keeps on impressing us. They are creative, dedicated and last but not least – just great at what they do."

- Dimo Simeonov, CEO / Haemimont AD

"GO Beyond the cliche, think Out of the BOX with gobox. Not just a team of young professionals, but an incubator for creative ideas."

- Stoyka Dragieva, Senior Brand Manager
Pobeda JSC

"Thanks to gobox, Veni & Co ltd owns its entire advertising presence in the last years, due to which the positioning of our company on the Bulgarian and international market grew significantly. With the ideas, responsibility and devotion to the specifics of every project, gobox proves a desirable partner who we recommend and whom you can trust."

- Petya Zhivankina, CEO
Veni & Co Ltd.

"Gobox has proven to be an excellent partner for Ideal Standard's design projects across several markets. They deliver quality services, meet all deadlines and provide that extra care in the client communication. Overall they are a trustworthy agency."

- Céline Bilbao, Operational Marketing Manager EMEA
Ideal Standard International NV

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